Quiz- Would YOU Survive the Hunger Games?

Ask yourself- would you stand a chance at surviving 24 other tributes?

This is the ultimate quiz to find out-

1.  The gong sounds. What is the first thing you do?

a. Run as fast as you can away from the cornucopia- getting caught in the bloodbath is too risky..

b. Pick up the nearest pack, try to pick up as many things as you can as you run like a bullet away from the cornucopia- don’t want to risk getting killed.

c. Run straight into the cornucopia, pick up the deadliest looking weapon you can find and kill as many tributes as possible.

2. What skills do you have that may be useful in the arena?

a. Your stealth- stay out of people’s way- they’ll soon kill each other off.

b. c.You are always alert and would be handy with weapons- you are ready for an attack coming at all times.

c. You are strong- take them out with a punch, then kill them with their own weapon if you don’t have any of your own.

3. Would you make an alliance ?

a. No, you can never be sure they won’t slit your throat in the night.

b. Yes, if they were from my district and I knew I could trust them.

c. Of course, team up with the strongest tributes to hunt down the weak.


OK…… here are your results-

Mostly a’s

You do have a fair chance – although chances are you might starve without any supplies, though your cautiousness is good.

Mostly b’s

You have a strong chance- Your supplies should keep you going, and it sounds like you are sharp witted, too.

Mostly c’s

Your chance is fair- but only if you survive the cornucopia, you may get killed there. You do sound as though you have quite a physical advantage, but your alertness may be a slight downside.



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