Why, or Do Couples Grow To Look Alike?

Why? Why do couples, after a prolonged length of time together, start to look more like each other? Do they? Have you ever noticed your parents, your grandparents, get more similar, after more time?  To begin with, do we as humans instinctively choose someone who has similar features to those of our own? Have you ever noticed your parents, your grandparents, get more similar, after more time? Wondering about this, I have come up with a few theories.

First off,  I’ll start with an idea I’m not so confident about, but is still a possibility.

Maybe, it’s because couples live in the same environment, in other words, changes may occur to their appearance because of where they live. Different environmental elements at work, at the same time, to the people who live there, as a result, making them more similar in looks.

But one question that is relevant to the theory, is , if it was about where they live, everyone else in their area may look alike, too. So it wouldn’t just be that couple, it’d be everyone who is in that area. And that diverts from the whole question. I suppose you could ask yourself; do groups of people who live in the same area grow to look alike with time?  But that isn’t the focus.

Also, it could be that because couples are spending the majority of their time with eachother, they may become influenced by eachother’s personality and general actions. They may also pick up on eachother’s skills and qualities. Though I am not sure if this is true, it is merely a thought that possibly conserns this question.

Have you got any theories of your own? Over time I will probably expand on this post as I come up with more ideas.

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