4 top Cake Decorating Ideas and Tips for All Occasions

1. Imprinting

This is a super easy yet very effective way of applying decor to flat roll icing.

When flat roll icing is still soft, use a selection of any- size of biscuit cutters or crimpers to press designs or patterns into the icing.

2. Flat roll icing roses       Image

Make from tinted sugar paste or ready made icing. Flatten a pea-size roll of the icing and roll loosely. Repeat, wrapping each petal to form the rose, gently curling over the edges as you go. Leave to firm up.

3. Piped

With this, make pipe icing, and pipe out of a piping bag in any way you would like. Some ways include little star nosel quiffs, which resemble iced gems slightly! You can find inspiration online. For something easier, try piped lettering , using a standard, circle nosel.

4. Flat roll cut outs

For this, take any colour ready made flat icing, roll it  out smoothly with a rolling pin, not spending too much time doing it one way or the icing may stick to the rolling pin. Use a knife, or biscuit cutters to cut out shapes, and create what ever you choose. Don’t put these on top of a cake with no icing on it though. There must be icing of some description underneath.

Got any decorating ideas or tips? Put them in the comments!


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