Posted in August 2012

$999 14- Carrat Gold Mockingjay Pin

Although you can buy cheaper versions of the montrously expensive iconic Hunger Games mockingjay pin, this fabulous pin is different. At $999, this 14 – carrat accessory really says ‘ Hunger Games Fan’ all over it! But this isn’t the only pocket pinching peice of merchandise available. It stands on its shelf with a $349 Leather Hunting … Continue reading

Dad’s Tuna Pasta

Dad’s Tuna Pasta This is a great, simple and warming dish, perfect if you have lots of people to feed, and not too fishy for fussy eaters. You will need: 1 large onion 3 tins of tuna ( you can add other tinned fish for extra bulk, texture and flavour) 3 tins chopped tomatoes Pasta- … Continue reading

Why, or Do Couples Grow To Look Alike?

Why? Why do couples, after a prolonged length of time together, start to look more like each other? Do they? Have you ever noticed your parents, your grandparents, get more similar, after more time?  To begin with, do we as humans instinctively choose someone who has similar features to those of our own? Have you ever … Continue reading

Very Vanilla Cupcakes

This is a fabulous cupcake recepie, perfect if you also want to do some flamboyant decorating on top! I got this fantastic recipie from ‘The Great British Bake Off How to Bake’ book- it is a must have. To make 12 amazing cakes you need:                     … Continue reading